Do You Have Nuts?
Fighting for father's rights

When we measure what it is we stand to lose

When we measure what it is we stand to lose, we get lost in our direction (which is not a fault of a loving Dad). On one hand we get the token few moments of involvement with our children and the rest of time is a relentless, wrenching, pit of Hell. Those few moments are what most Fathers live for but if he steps out of line, those moments are immediately stolen from him. That is why a man is no longer free to be a man. Too few fathers are willing to risk those few moments to assure generations free from the tyranny of this socially engineered society. It is easily understood but very sad.

If we stand and accept being “Beatdead Daddies” we set examples for our own children which assures the dread of today existing throughout tomorrow. If a man stands to put a stop to the tyranny, he loses all possibility to be a part of his own children’s lives. This is the dilemma.

The time is near for this to be changed. The age of the first generation of the abused children is nearly their age of majority and the fathers who have endured will soon be free to fight with no fear of repercussion toward their young.

The 20 mil are not part of this group (yet) but as time goes by, more and more will be free to join. It is only a matter of time before men bring back the only successful model of society known to mankind, patriarchy. It will be leaders with experiences such as what they bring to the table that helps us all to be free.