Do You Have Nuts?
Political action

There are supposed to be 20 million of us

There are supposed to be 20 million of us, that would constitute a most formidable back-up and front line.

We are already living in a world of sh*t, what could we possibly stand to lose? Yes, I do know what combat is, and what it can do to the very fabric of our soul, but the soul is a stake when your Constitutional Rights are being destroyed.

Our Fore Fathers most be rolling over in their graves. The time is now, to take what they taught us and fight for what is ours.

If it’s a leader you want, then it’s a leader you will get.

Family court

Take it to probate (family) court

They’ll say, “It’s not a criminal matter, take it to probate (family) court. And if the mother has taken the child out of state, Family court has no jurisdiction. And if they’ve gone to a foreign country (like Florida) forget it.

That’s the problem I had. No matter that the law is clear that a custodial parent is committing a crime by denying the other parent visitation, the courts only do what they absolutely have to. This means there must be a precedent case in a higher court of the state. Since a victim cannot appeal a criminal verdict (only the District Attorney can do this – and they won’t because it’s not PC when the kidnapper is the mother) there are no such cases (at least here in massachusetts).

It’s not a prophecy, it’s the way things are.

“Fathers” are not a political force. We don’t vote as a block and never will. We’ll never be as powerful as NOW because women are women all their lives and men are fathers only as long as they are a part of their childs’ life. Their voice will always be louder than ours unless the countless mens and fathers groups can somehow come together. I don’t see it happening any time soon.

Ah, you do recognize the problem. It would be Nice if we could speak up and be heard, but 10,000, even 100,000 individuals fighting their own fights in their own home towns aren’t being heard.

BINGO! That’s exactly how I feel. And I think your treadmill analogy is great.