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Custody and support

I would like some info on what your doing

I am a woman, but.. BUT i don’t stand for the injustice in the court system towards fathers. I don’t side with just women or just men. I stand for equality! total equality. Everyone to get the same treatment.

I believe it was great that those women that fought for their rights were all within their rights. But i don’t like the end result of it. I think men and women should fight the fight we really should be fighting. FOR THE CHILDREN. what is best for them, and any repercussions to a father or mother as necessary to a specific case. i think it should be discussed what really needs to happen. There needs to be laws in place that is not discriminatory to men or women. obviously…

I propose that no law regarding children custody and support should even have the words man or woman. It should say PERSON. It shouldn’t be in any way tailored to any mother or father specifically. basically the same rewards or punishments for either person. anyhow let me know what your trying to do and that, and lets chat!