Do You Have Nuts?
Custody and support

Lets play it your way

OK. Lets play it your way. I have some questions.

But I will put my support where my mouth is. Although my organization is not located in Texas, I have several very strong contacts down there and I will see what I can do to provide you with some resources to get a fair shake.

While Texas does have its problems, I do know that there are several very strong initiatives underway to help fathers be active and supportive parents.

Now, First things first.

I would need to see documentation on you child support motions and orders. I would also need to see some form of documentation on your income history over the period of time which needs to be considered.

Secondly, I need to know if you have a visitation order from the courts, have you ever tried to get one and what reasons have have been used to keep you from the child. Do you live in the same area as the child for example.

If you are telling me the whole story, I will do what ever is in my power to help you. You will find that I don’t bitch about this, I do things about it. IN this movement, too many are willing to talk about the issues not enough are doing something. I try to work with the courts and I have had some relative success. The next move is yours, you can either keep bitching or you can see what we can do for you. I can be reached directly via email. If you are serious about being involved in your sons life contact me directly, I will see what I can do.