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Make a difference
Make a difference

One Man!

Hello Friends,

Here’s something I just read, and thought you might be interested in. This doesn’t apply to Fathers’ Rights, but it has a moral to the story.

A man in Texas was pulled over for speeding. This man went to court, without a lawyer, and decided that the courts were unfair. This man told the judge, that he was prepared to pay the fine, but he was going to pay in gold or silver. The judge tried to state that he was to pay in dollars. This man told the judge, that the Constitution states, “all fines are to be payed in gold or silver”. Two hearings later, the man Won on those grounds.

This, ONE MAN, has turned the law completely upside down. He now does not pay for insurance, nor does he wear a seatbelt, and is giving the courts a fit.

Moral!! He was only ONE MAN, who decided that enough was enough. If this ONE MAN can make a difference, so can we! I gave you just the facts, if you need to know more, let me know.

Don’t give up guys, there a many men who have had enough. Let me know how you feel, if you can’t say it because of club rules, then E-Mail me at Flathead8892@…, I would be very interested in what you have to say.