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Political action
Political action

There are supposed to be 20 million of us

There are supposed to be 20 million of us, that would constitute a most formidable back-up and front line.

We are already living in a world of sh*t, what could we possibly stand to lose? Yes, I do know what combat is, and what it can do to the very fabric of our soul, but the soul is a stake when your Constitutional Rights are being destroyed.

Our Fore Fathers most be rolling over in their graves. The time is now, to take what they taught us and fight for what is ours.

If it’s a leader you want, then it’s a leader you will get.

Political action

In my political action experience

In my political action experience, and working with men who are having troubles with the divorce industry, I have noticed a few things.

First the divorce war usually wears the father out.

Second once the father has won what he has gotten shaking or rattling the cage for the changes that are needed, is a scary thing. In some areas if you rattle the wrong cages of the elected officials hell will seem like a holiday.

Third, we do not see many in the men’s movement except for the walking wounded.

As a marine you would know about going in to combat with a real contingent of back-up and front line soldiers. This is something that the men’s movement is very thin in.