Do You Have Nuts?
I agree with the concept
Fighting for father's rights

I agree with the concept

I agree with the concept, but ask that we not go off half-cocked.

I have another comment – no, a question to the community. Please bear with me – I need to know how is it that all I see around me are women’s groups (eg., victims, shelters, counseling, etc.) which are funded, or appear to be funded by, federal, state, city and/or county governmental agencies; yet, I see very, very, very few – if any resources available to dad’s/men.

I know this seems as if it has been beaten to death on or in this club but ————

In my heart and soul cannot understand and would like to ask the following:

  1. what makes it so hard for someone like us to set up a shelter for men?
  2. Everyone, other than men, use the “blanket” of discrimination to achieve their goals, purpose, etc. Can we not do the same?
  3. Can dads not find an advocate to help us at a state or federal level to do the same thing that NOW is doing? [only not so inhumanely and self-serving] Our goal is our children-not ourselves!

I have faith in these guys

I would do what i could from MN

Thanks to all the members of this club for your time reading ,or should i say, muddling through my questions.