Do You Have Nuts?
Oh, that’s beautiful
Custody and support

Oh, that’s beautiful

Dear Sir,

Oh, that’s beautiful. I so hoped someone would respond with the typical sarcastic rhetoric. Prime example of someone, who hasn’t had the pleasure of sampling Texas Justice.

If the courts are so UNDERSTANDING, why are there so many, and I mean many, fathers having to find places like this to come and vent or ask for help?
I especially feel the love of our judicious court system.

Typical you are, to make such a presumption, that because someone is going to be arrested for non-payment of child support, it must mean they are not paying, or downgrading jobs, or that there is another part to the story. You exhibit the paranoid characteristics that reeks in our courtrooms today.

You sir have just made every father that reads the postings, feel right at home. This is how we are typically treated. We are instantly accused of lying, not caring, and anti-social values attributed to the immoral decline of our children.

This website is incredible, I haven’t seen so many people pat themselves on the back, or toot their own horn in my entire life.

Just because you have custody of your children I guess the court system doesn’t look too bad to you right now, does it?

By the way, I have retained every paycheck stub from every job I worked. Every job has been a step up in pay. I don’t have an attorney because the blood sucking leach of an ex-wife gets 50% of my paycheck every month. Now, if you want to come down here and defend me for FREE, then you can talk your BS.

I haven’t seen my son for almost ten years because she refuses. She had his name changed, and now she’s trying to adopt him with her new husband, AND I’M STILL PAYING CHILD SUPPORT.

My son means the world to me, so don’t you ever call me or even suggest that I’m a deadbeat dad or that I’m not paying.